Hi guys,

It is so nice to meet you. 

  I am a wife and a mom first. A dog mom and a plant mom second. My first loves (& Commitments) are my kids but as they are growing up I find that I have a bit more time in my day to do the other things I love.

  Before I started this little boutique photography studio, I was a preschool teacher in LA. It is what I went to school to become and naturally it was an easy transition. I loved being with the kids. Watching them learn and grow and explore everyday. Transferring that experience to photography came pretty natural to me. I was a fashion model for over 20 years before I became a mom myself and I learned to be both in front of and now behind the lens. I think I have a special knack for getting both kids and shy adults to feel comfortable in front of the lens. 

  In 2020 I signed lease for a small little space in downtown Thousand Oaks and built a newborn studio. It has turned into the perfect little space. I still love shooting on location but most weekdays you can find me cozy in the studio with a newborn and an ever growing family. 

Whether you are looking for portraits, newborns, family or fine art I hope we get to create magic together and Collect Beautiful Moments. 



*Photo credit @Anabrandt2020 my amazing mentor